Background – TRH’s formation was inspired by the growing need for retail solutions partners for the formal retail market; the informal retail traders as well as creative “retailprenuers” that have no previous experience in trading in the established retail environment.

TRH recognised that in partnering and engaging with retail businesses, emerging entrepreneurs, their retail business and operations could thrive with specialised development of a retail business mindset and the empowerment of tailor made retail solutions to evolve their concepts into viable and sustainable retail business operations.

Investor Consulting also forms part of our retail capability; where TRH delivers outstanding retail analyses and investor data for retail investor clients. Due Diligence assessments, Post Acquisition and Portfolio Assessments form part of our retail support and investor consulting capabilities at TRH.

Together with our network of retail experts and associates TRH utilises two retail vehicles and a property solutions vehicle to produce superior, tangible and measurable results for our clients:

Retail Diamonds

Retail Consulting Services which aim to support new and established retailers build the businesses they envision;

Ezimnandi Gourmet Brands

Restaurant Consulting and Development services specialising in restaurants and hospitality to assist our clients maximise their performance and growth in restaurant / hospitality food service and beverage operations.

Innate Investment Solutions

Property and Development Management solutions supported by expertise in property management and development, retail and supply chain development, analytical studies and strategic project management and vast knowledge of the built environment.

Our Focus – At Tungwa Retail Holdings we do not confuse Retail with Marketing and Promotions; although we believe that these elements must work hand in hand for guaranteed success.

We enhance creative concepts and package them into retail solutions for the consumer market through innovation and the maximisation of customer trends.

Tungwa Retail Holdings recognises that most consumers are brand, quality and convenience conscious.

We capacitate our clients with retail strategies that incorporate these elements to enhance the complete offering to both the client and their targeted consumers.

The benefits of our focus include:

  • Creation of cash generation opportunities within an existing or expanding customer base;
  • Securing growth and sustainability for “retailpreneurs” by evolving their concepts to growth in targeted and sometimes stagnant markets, (new market development);
  • Creation of long term relationships  with clients to enable service growth and continual growth of retail networks;
  • Facilitation of the development of a retail mindset; in particular where the focus is on capacitating informal retailers; staff and entrepreneurs.